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2023 Nectar of Nondual Truth:
Nectar #38 - Published!

Nectar is an annual Journal of Universal Religious and Philosophical Teachings. Each issue contains articles on the philosophy and spirituality of Vedanta and other religious streams, penetrating into their essential teachings and practices, and placing special emphasis on the nondual, advaitic, aspects.

It is this nondual foundation of religion that makes the harmony of religions possible; it is the Unity in diversity.  Advaita is the key.

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Contributors in Nectar #38

Nectar #38 will include writers on Vedanta,  Advaita Vedanta, Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism, 
Spiritual Practice, Sufism, Western Philosophy....

Swami Aseshananda

God as Mother

Rami Shapiro

Seeing the
Face of God

Lex Hixon

"An Interview with Pir Vilayet Khan"

Swami Brahmeshananda

The Blossoming of Consciousness

Bob Kindler

The Root Cause of Vismriti, the Loss of Spiritual Memory

Anam Thubten

Is our Spiritual Practice Bringing Transformation?

Larry Herzberg PhD.

Religious Views as Foundational

Annapurna Sarada

Absolute Reality & God

Wisdom Facets from the Gem of Truth

Teachings from the Holy Trio & their Disciples
Regular Feature

Nectar of Advaitic Instruction

Our popular Q&A section
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Scriptural Sayings from the World's Religious Traditions

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Vedanta 101

Foundational Teachings on Vedanta Philosophy
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